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2 'College' Boys in Love

Hi everybody! I haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd put up something about these 2 guys I know who are both going to be full-time college students next month!

One of those guys is already a full-time student, and the other  is starting his college career next month. Oh, and did I mention, these 2 guys are in love, like in the title of this blog.

Yep, Matty has written about about how he just finished his first semester, and he's reassuring me that he'll show me all the ropes to make my first semester a "piece of cake" (his words, since he knows I like baking cakes!). His dad told him how proud he was that he made it through in "blazing glory." You should have seen Matty's face when his dad said that. He acted all shy but his face actually turned a few shades of red.

Everybody knows how much I love cooking, especially baking, so Matty tells me before long I'm going to be a "well seasoned" student. And I kinda like that. It's sorta like I'm going to throw some tasty ingredients into this bowl, like a dash of "confidence," a pinch of "determination," a spoonful of "discipline," a cup of "hope," a gallon of "blood, sweat and tears," and a  bushel of "hugs and reassurances" from someone experienced in these things, like Matty.

One of the things I'm totally psyched about is we managed to schedule one class together!   At the college where we're going, you have to take a history class in your freshman year, and we both managed to get into this American History course.

We're both looking forward to it but I know Matty's especially excited because he's really fascinated by the Civil War years in American history. He had this high school history teacher who was a Civil War buff and his enthusiasm really rubbed off on Matty. Matty's actually read about 5 biographies of Abraham Lincoln, owns and has seen the whole Ken Burns documentary on the Civil War about 10 times, and can talk about some of the military campaigns that I've never heard of. I love listening to "General Matthew" when he assumes command of some battle like at Vicksburg or Gettysburg or Antietam (I had to google how to spell that last one!).

But, enough about Matty! (LOL, just kidding sweetie!)  All I'm excited about now is knowing we'll be sitting together in the same classroom and can do homework and papers together. He's a little worried that he'll be too distracted by me sitting right next to him, but I've told him he has to keep his hands to himself and face the professor! At all times! Either that or I'm moving to another place in the classroom, probably behind him so he can't steal these looks at me! LOL.

We'll also be able to meet for lunch every day and then his hands can go roaming wherever they like (within common decency!) I just hope he remembers to use those hands to stuff his lunch in his mouth so he won't starve! LOL.

We'll also have some "down time" together during the day so we can meet at the library to (try and) study. Plus, there's some really nice parts of the campus where we can hold hands and go walking.

In the meantime, I need some help stocking up on all the school supplies I'll need. My backpack from high school is so ratty people would probably think I was a refugee from some zombie-land! Now that I have somebody experienced to show me the ropes, I'm gonna have to drag him to go shopping with me. Somehow I think he just might enjoy this kind of shopping!

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