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My astrology mentor thinks bitch has Aspergers..  I sent him some info on her so he could rectify her chart a little, and we could have a better idea of her Ascendant, based on some events in her life, and the timing of them.  That was his response, she could have Aspergers! Mild autism. No sense of social consequences, a real late bloomer in some areas, etc. (hey, I wasn't just going on what happened with her and me and Ex, I gave him other information! I actually tried to be fair and balanced.) 
Anyway, that's given me something to ponder.. lol  From what I know about Aspergers, he's on the money. I have several friends who have it, and it would fit the picture quite nicely.

My 2012 wish?  To see her leave Ex, and leave town for good. (And maybe die a horrible painful death, ~total bodily genital herpes outbreak? Master's friend said she used to get outbreaks so bad sometimes, she'd cry in pain for days. Ha.). To see Ex leave Master, too, for that matter, come to his senses a little, start taking care of himself better.  I worry.  I can't help it. 
I think he's out of town visiting family for Hannuka, his office lights were off yesterday. I sent my ex-inlaws an email wishing them a Happy Hannukah, got a one line 'thanks, you too' kind of reply. I wonder if he took bitch?)  I stopped, briefly, in the traffic last night, didn't get out of the car, just long enough to look up. I have been good about that this week, not gone stalking him.  Just quietly gone home, not even looked up to his office window. 

Anyway, I wish you ALL a happy 2012, and that none of you have the kind of year I've had.  No sadness, pain, anger, obsessive behaviors, jealousy.   May you all get laid a lot, love a lot, and be happy.  
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