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10 Things I Love About You, Matty

About a week ago, Matty wrote something about a new bog we came across (the link to the blog is here) where the blogger listed 10 things she loved about her husband. We wrote her and said that we were so inspired by what she wrote, we were thinking about doing something similar on our blog.

Well, after the whole experience of starting college yesterday, I woke up this morning and thought today would be the perfect time to do my list of 10 things I love about Matty. He has an early class this morning and I don't go in until later, so I'm sitting here thinking about how he supported and cared for me yesterday. I guess this is kind of a love letter or love list to him and I'm sorta feeling like I can't hold all this inside. Anyway, here's what I came up with:

1. I love that you called my sister on Monday afternoon and told her how nervous I was feeling about starting school the next day. You know how close I am to her and you also knew I didn't want to bother her by sounding like a little baby. She called to tell me she was thinking about me and said just the right things she knew would help me feel special. I had no idea you had called her beforehand and I love that you did that for me.

2. I love that when we were chatting with some close friends online over the weekend, you made sure the focus was on me getting lots of support instead of the topic being on just some of the silly and fun things we often chat about.

3. I love that you got up extra early yesterday so you could go outside and take care of all the snow on the car and driveway so I could take my time getting ready for school. Yeah, I know you like doing stuff like shoveling snow and doing work outside, but I could tell you were doing this especially for me since I was having a little freak-out about the overnight rain/ice/snow event and was worried we wouldn't get to campus on time.

4. I love that you snuck out on Monday afternoon to buy some of those delicious muffins I like from the bakery down the street and had the table set with some fruit and coffee. Even though I never said a word about how I was probably not going to want a big breakfast, somehow you knew just what would put a smile on my face and just the right nourishment in my stomach.

5. I love how you surprised me with a wonderful and luxurious bubble bath (complete with candles set around the bathroom -- when did you buy those?) on Monday night. And that soaking in the tub was not about something that would lead to making love, but that it was all about helping me relax. You were so adorable sitting in there with me and just talking about how sweet I looked in all those bubbles and about how everything was going to be fine.

6. I love that when you found a parking space on campus on Tuesday you told me not to open the door just yet. You just reached over and took my hand, looked straight in my eyes, and told me how much you loved me. Then you made me stay in the car until you came around and opened my door for me.

7. I love that you made sure we were holding hands as we walked across campus as far as we could together before we had to go in opposite directions to our own class. And that before we separated, you adjusted the scarf around my neck to make sure I was warm and tucked a little bit of my hair that was sticking out of my hat back inside. And then gave me a kiss and said you couldn't wait to meet for lunch a little later.

8. I love that when you looked around the room and finally saw me sitting at the table in the little cafe where we agreed to meet for lunch, your face lit up like I've never seen it before. You started walking to the table and your face had this look that said something like, "God, I'm happy to see you." I almost started crying I was so glad to see you.

9. I love that when you got to the table, you leaned in to kiss me like we were the only ones there. And I love that when you sat down, all you wanted to hear about was what my class was like and how I was doing. I was so relieved you were there with me at that moment, I actually forgot to ask about your class (sorry about that).

10. I love that when we got home you went in the kitchen and made me a cup of that tea I love so much and we got to sit on the sofa together and just talk about the day. After a while, when I started getting sleepy (at 4:00 in the afternoon!), I love that you covered me in that soft blanket and then eventually led me to the bedroom where you tucked me in so I could take a nap. I love that you knew I just needed to rest for a while and didn't even once make this into an opportunity to have sex (though that came later in the night!).

Thank you for making the day one that I'll always remember. I love you so much.
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