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Making Love in History Class

So, what do you do when you're bored in history class? Well, make love, of course!

Back on December 19th, Brad said how excited he was that we managed to schedule one class together this semester. If you remember, it was a course in American History.

I've always been interested in history and I especially like reading about the American Civil War, so I was looking forward to see what the course would cover.

Going back to that post he wrote on December 19th, he said how excited he was "...knowing we'll be sitting together in the same classroom and can do homework and papers together. He's [Matty] a little worried that he'll be too distracted by me sitting right next to him, but I've told him he has to keep his hands to himself and face the professor! At all times! Either that or I'm moving to another place in the classroom, probably behind him so he can't steal these looks at me!"

Well, we had this History class yesterday and I just want it noted that Brad is not as innocent as he looks! He was all worried I would not pay attention to the lectures if he was sitting next to me.

We decided to get to the classroom a little early so we could make sure we had a seat next to each other. Really sweet, right? Actually it was one of those mini-lecture halls and it looked like it could probably seat about 50 to 75 people. It had these really long tables that sorta curved around in a semi-circle and we picked a place in the back of the room since Brad said it would be "safer" that way (!).

Since this was just the first class, we got all the rules we had to follow about papers that would be expected, attendance, make-up work, exams and then an outline of what the course would cover.

Even though most of what the professor was covering was on this handout he passed around, Brad was taking notes and being the good student and I was glancing over at what he was writing and worrying if I should be doing the same thing. But I figured if he was already taking notes, I could look at them later in case I missed anything. 

Well, let me tell you something about Dr. History Professor first. He was really animated and making all kind of gestures with his hands and was walking back and forth across the raised platform where he was standing. You could immediately tell he really, really liked teaching history.

At first I thought he might be a "loaner professor" from the English Department because he was using a lot of flowery language that made even this dull information about attendance, make-up work and exams sound interesting.

Since Brad was all concerned about whether I would be able to keep my hands off him during class, I agreed to keep my hands on top of the table in front of us instead of under the table. I told him I promised not to let them wander underneath and that I would pay attention to the instructor the whole time. 

Well, I'm proud to say I kept my end of the bargain. I was getting interested in what Dr. History Professor was saying about how we were going to cover some of the foreign "entanglements" the U.S. had gotten involved in over the years. I wish he had started his lecture since it already sounded interesting, but he was just giving an overview of the course topics.

So while Dr. History Professor was talking about all those "entanglements," the cute boy sitting next to me started bumping his leg next to mine. At first I thought it was just an accident because he was shifting a little in his seat. But then he started "tangling" his left leg around my right leg! I tried to just ignore it since I thought he might be testing me to see what I would do. I kept looking straight ahead so I could hear more about those "entanglements"  and didn't give Brad any attention, thinking he would be proud of me for passing this test. I must have passed because he moved his leg back and we went back to normal students listening to the teacher.

Then Dr. History Professor was saying something about the role of "foot soldiers" during the American Revolution. Almost like he was waiting for this, the cute boy sitting next to me moved his foot over to mine and actually, I swear to God, started playing footsies with me! Instead of ignoring this like I did with his leg "tangling" with my leg, I sorta gently shoved his foot away, again thinking this was another test and this was the right answer!

At this point Dr. History Professor said something about the "rise" of American capitalism. Well, since we were both getting a kick out of some of the words this guy was using (I swear he was really from the English Department), we both turned our heads toward each other and winked. Then I quickly turned back to face straight ahead, since I had no idea what the cute boy might do with that word and I would totally flunk the test I thought me might be giving me.

Then the professor used an expression, and I can't remember what it referred to, but I did remember him saying something about how we were going to cover "the expansion and retreat of [something]..." At this point I was a lost cause. I mean, I was waiting for that cute boy to do something having to do with "expanding" and "retreating." So I noticed him out of the corner of my eye (while continuing to look straight ahead like a good student) shifting in his seat again and he was trying in a very subtle way to make some kind of adjustment in his pants! Oh. My. God. Was something "expanding" or was this just another test for me? He didn't stay at it for long, and I forced my eyeballs to keep looking straight ahead the whole time.

Now I'm a total lost cause. Regardless of whether he was just being playful or giving me a test, he should know by now that once my brain starts thinking about sex, it gets stuck there. I can't be held responsible for anything that happens at that point!

I started thinking about what it would be like to put him up on that table and start having wild sex with him! Right in front of the whole class. Right in front of Dr. History Professor. Right in front of God! Thankfully I do really have some control over myself, even when my brain gets all revved and stuck on thinking about sex.

All I can say is that I successfully passed any test Brad might have been throwing my way. I mean, I'm there to get an education and get all smart and the boy started tempting and distracting me. How am I suppose to learn anything with all that temptation going on, huh?

I looked over at him, squinted my eyes just a little, and gave him a smile. He just looked at me with this puzzled expression and it seemed like his face was trying to say, "What?" I mean, the boy had been tangling his legs all around mine, playing footsies, adjusting his pants and he gives me this innocent expression like I'm in la-la land. He just shrugged his shoulders, smiled back and returned to taking notes.

Man, is flirting all he has on his mind? Does he not realize I can't think about American "entanglements" and "foot" soldiers and the "expansion and retreat" of something in American History while he's distracting me like he did?

If he was testing my agreement to not do anything to distract him, well, I passed with flying colors! I didn't act on my impulse to have wild sex with him right there in the lecture room. If I had, it would have been all his fault!

It's cool that we have this class together. It means we have more time with each other on campus. But I may have to find another seat if he doesn't learn a little self-control or find another way to test my self-control!

I mean, I'm there to get an education and get all smart and I can't have these temptations and distractions going on. So, while I discipline myself to pay close attention to the lectures, I just need to make sure a certain really cute boy doesn't cheat off my notes. And I'm going to have to cover my paper when we take a test so he can't cheat off me!

And we'll save those "entanglements" and "foot" play and "expanding and retreating" for when we get home!
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