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My Dawn

Almost a week ago, Brad and I received a poem written by Sammy, who is one of the many special followers here on our blog. She said in her email that she had been thinking about us "...and this was born out of that moment."

The poem really spoke to us in a very personal and intimate way. We asked if she would mind us sharing it with all of you and she graciously said, "Yes, of course. Once the poetry leaves my hands it is meant for you both and you may do whatever you like with it. And, of course it would be an honor to have it posted on your blog, that goes without saying."

Thank you, Sammy.

My Dawn

By Sammy

As the dark slowly lifts and the dawn inches forward with soft tendrils of light I look at you, lying there next to me...

I watch the gentle rise and fall of your chest and breathe in the sweet scent of you...

Gently, oh so gently I reach out and brush back the lock of hair that has fallen upon your cheek, and hold it's silken length between my fingers for just a moment more...

As I drop my hand it grazes your cheek oh so softly, and you murmur restlessly, even now turning toward me, your heart reaching for mine, here in the last moments of quiet sleep.

As the light sweeps across our bed, and lingers, touching your sleeping form, illuminating your inner beauty, I am struck once more by the depth of my love for you...

I turn toward the coming dawn, feeling your heat at my back, knowing it's warmth will carry me on into a new day, holding me close in it's safe embrace and yet, at the same time, giving me the strength I need to fly.
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