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...2 Profile........ The Naked Barber - Fetish Groomer......

Shalom n G'day 2 Centers!

Today on the blog we have a very interesting profile. As you all know, on my trip to Sydney last October, I visited and enjoyed the services of the very handsome and very humble Richard aka The Naked Barber. A few of you were very curious as to the whole experience and how he got into it.

...So......... here for your enjoyment and education, please make feel very welcome Richard, The Naked Barber.

(2CW) Shalom Richard and welcome to 2 Cents. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this.

(TNB) That's okay, thank you for asking me.

(2CW) Firstly, before we get into the Naked Barber stuff, did you have a background in grooming / hairstyling before? Can you tell us about what you did pre-Naked?

(TNB) I was 15 when I left school to do my 4 year hairdressing apprenticeship. After I that I moved to Brisbane where I worked as a senior stylist for about a year, when I quit my job because of sexual harassment from my boss. The funny thing was, that I went from quitting a
job because of sexual harassment to working in a gay massage parlour. Where happy endings was part of the job prescription. As a young guy, I was making a lot of money and spending it all on god know what!!! After 6 months of rubbing and tugging I finally went back to hairdressing with nothing to show for it! Moving back to the Gold Coast when I was 21 and working in a salon that had a rent a chair system. Where I ended up pulling in a lot of client's as I was specialising in hair extensions at this time of my career and for the first time in my life "I Saved Money" and open up my own salon by the age of 23. I was way to young and really
wasn't over the party life yet! So after 2 and 1/2 years of working, partying and more partying. I finally just broke down and lost my salon because of it... I ended up moving to a large country town called Wagga Wagga. This is where I started getting into men's grooming. As I was working in a barber shop in the middle of the town and the owner also had small salon at the RAAF Base, where I worked 2 days a week... There waxing was a huge thing with a lot of the men at the RAAF Base.

The following year I moved to Sydney, where I got a job working in an up market salon. I was back doing women's hair and I found myself wanting to spread my wings and move to London to see if I could make something of myself over there (as I was only getting older)and you can't get a working permit after the age of 30. Arrived in London at the age of 29 and worked in a funky salon in Camden Town. As much as I loved London I really could not stand the weather and didn't want to stay another Winter! So after 18 month, It was time to come home for an Australian Summer! when I arrived home I got a job managing a barber shop in North Sydney. After doing 16 months there, I ended up leaving to do what I do now!

(2CW) Did you enjoy the 9-5 hairdressing?

(TNB) No, not at all... That was one big plus about starting my own business.

(2CW) Have you always been a nudist?

(TNB) As a kid, I never seemed to care much about nudity. Even as a teenager I had a group of friends that would get drunk naked! I don't mean get drunk then get naked, but the other way. we would strip off and then drink... I think, we thought we would get drunk a lot quicker if we were naked or something like that! LOL

(2CW) How did you come up with the idea of combining nudity and grooming?
Also, whilst on the subject, can you define FETISH GROOMING for us all please?

(TNB) The idea come after a few wines at dinner party with my room mate I had at that time. It was such a great Idea, I just could not let it go!

Fetish Grooming is a service that is provided for people that have a grooming fetish - An act where one persons sexual fantasy is played out, in a submissive role, whilst being "groomed" by a dominant man or Master. Many men are turned on by their barber experience. From the shaving cream to the hot towel, being caped up and having the barbers crotch rub by you as you are sitting in the chair having a haircut or even just liking the smell of the baby powder at the end...

All of this and more comes into play with The Naked Barber experience!

(2CW) Describe the set up of your studio.

(TNB) It's a fully equipped barber shop in an underground sand stone
studio, that I like to call The Naked Barber's Dungeon.

(2CW) Describe what happens in a basic visit. What happens from when the client walks in the door? Are you naked? Do they get naked? What happens?

(TNB) Not all of my clients want me naked, some want me in leather or sports gear and others may just want some good old fashion grooming done, with none of that kinky stuff added... But most ask me to be naked and they tend to get naked with me. I guess some of them have too, if they come in for body grooming services that is...

(2CW) Now it should be pointed out that your service is a GROOMING service - albeit a unique kind - but NOT a sexual service correct?

(TNB) It depends how you look at it! I don't have sex with my client, but It can still be a sexual experience of some kind "I guess". I do a lot of pubic grooming (Waxing and Shaving). With this service you find most guys are highly aroused and would get hard or even cum during the process.

(2CW) I have to be honest and say that from how welcomed and lovely you made me feel - you actually also made me feel.... well ........ sexy isn't the word ..... 'good' is closer but the right one eludes me. You really do have a wonderful sense of "I'll take care of you" that you transmit through your touch. It was a really wonderful and unique experience for me. PS I have to say that initially at least, it was a really sensual experience too. Without being grotty or explicitly gross.

(TNB) Hearing stuff like that is why I keep on doing it... Thank you!

(2CW) You host a weekly event at my FAVOURITE Sydney Pub "The Oxford Hotel" called 'Buzz'. What is that and how did it come about?

(TNB) When I first started The Naked Barber business, I was approached by a few night club promoters and started doing buzz cuts at clubs and dance parties. It was a lot of fun turning up in full leather chaps and harness to do buzz cuts for drunken or drugged out bunch of kids. All I kept on thinking was, wait till you wake up tomorrow and see what you have done. After working in the scene for about 6 months, I was seeing a gap in the gay scene for butch (masculine) gay men, who didn't want to go out to gay pub's that are playing Lady GaGa and Madonna songs or worse yet, seeing a drag queen trying to lip sinking to it! So I asked a DJ friend of mine, what he would think if I got him to play rock music as I do buzz cuts on stage in a gay pub. He loved the idea even more then I did and we took it to the Oxford Hotel and ended up grabbing a weekly gig there... After a year we are still going strong. Every Thursday night from 8pm.

(2CW) You have a partner I believe, how does he/she feel / deal with your line of work?

(TNB) He already knew who I was and what I did when I met him. He seems to be OK with it as a job. I think he finds the rest of it a bit hard to take. Like the self marketing part of the job!

(2CW) Now you knew that I just could not go past without asking about THE SLING. Why does a fetish groomer have a SLING that he uses in his grooming service please? Should I add "Sir" onto the end of that LOL....?

(TNB) Hehehe If it helps you to play out a scene in your head, then you can call me "Sir". As for the SLING, that is where I do all my scrotum and arse grooming. I find its an easy way to get in and deal with all those hair problems LOL..

(2CW) Lastly - the 2 Cent Quickies that we put on most profiles...............

Favourite Drink..... VB (Beer)

Favourite Breakfast Dish... Bacon & egg roll

Red or White Wine... Red

Mayo or Mustard... Mayo

Favourite Television Show... True Blood

Classical or Modern and why... Both

Favourite Book... Dark side of the light chasers By Debbie Ford

Recent Film you enjoyed... Paranormal Activity 3

Favourite Sunday Morning Activity.......... Going out for breakfast

Favourite Way To Relax............... Day at the beach

If someone wants to impress you when you're out they should......Be confident, without being arrogant!

(2CW) Richard, thank you so much for your time and I wish you well and
continued success in your very unique and fantastic business........... Shalom and Thank you

(TNB) Thank you!

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