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Getting ready to move. Gave notice today at my apartment. I will be glad to leave my landlord, he's cute, but an ass. I think he's alcoholic, he's definitely dysfunctional, and always smells of alcohol.  Sooo glad we didn't hook up.  I did think he was pretty cute when I moved in there, and I was single at the time.  ;-) 

I had dinner last night with 2 ladies from previous Master's old community, it was nice. Made me so nostalgic. It's interesting that all my favourite ladies seem to be reappearing in my life from that time period, quite synchronously, and seemingly unconnected. 

I move soon. It's so strange to leave my route home past Ex's office. I snook a little look on Facebook today, anybody can see his wall, he's not a friend, and once in a while I take a sneaky look, but he never gets on there, about twice a year, he responds if somebody posts something on there. He was there on the 28th, with some news about something in our shared life, it made me sad.. I shouldn't look. 
Something is changing though, or continues to, I feel like this house move is going to do me a lot of good, if I don't have to keep staring up at his window when I drive by 3 nights a week. 

My New Year's dream continues to stir things up, and make me think about the need to expand my horizons further. Find a travel partner, rather than rely on E for everything in my emotional life. It's a little unfair, when you think about it, to want the person you like to have sex with, to be everything else, too. One of my lady friends last night said she'd be happy to do a road trip with me some time!
I just wish I was braver at doing these things alone, too.  I need to get out more. 
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