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The One Millionth and One New M/M Romance Blog!

Over this past weekend, during a sorry excuse for a snow storm here in the Boston area (only about 4" got dumped), we got word from two friends of ours over in Goodreads (Laddie and Lauraadriana) that they had given birth to a new Blog for M/M Romance Readers, which they say is one more to be added to the one million blogs on M/M romance out there! 

When we checked it out it was so smoking hot we tried to think of a way to take our laptops outside so the snow would melt and we wouldn't have to shovel (even though I love being outside shoveling snow!).

Here's a little preview of what they have in store for their blog:

We have a lot of plans, which mostly include having fun and messing around, but also we just want to do a few things that we had been looking around for in the M/M Romance Blog World and had not found.

Here is some of the stuff we will be posting:

Monday’s Most Wanted:Weekly list of the books that are upcoming from M/M publishing houses, and that we want to read.

Book Reviews: We will be posting our reviews from Goodreads to the blog, and adding a thing here or there that would be a bit too…Ahem…Controversial on the website.

Series Reviews:We will be going through the most popular, controversial and any other series in the genre that catch our eye, and reviewing them as a whole.

Top Ten Lists: We never get much out the Goodreads lists , they are too general and the titles are too lame, so we’re going to make our own. Those will come out periodically.

Treasure Hunting:We’re going be out there looking for awesome online fiction, and sharing the ones we love.

Crackattacks!: My mind is like a playground full of crack addicted monkeys, and it’s not fair that Laura’s the only one that gets to laugh her ass off with the shit I come up with, so I’m going cut loose on there.

We also will try and get some interesting interviews from authors and share our thoughts on whatever else catches our interest in the mad mad world of gay romance.

Here's the link to their first post (The LL Word Blog) which you have to read to get a good sense of how these "LLadies" think, which is a little scary at first, but you have to be brave! ;) Once you read their first post, click on their banner at the top of their page and you'll get to their current post. Enjoy!
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