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....2 Know.......Simon The Sex Worker On Testing....

.....well 2 Centers - Simon is popping in for a quickie Q&A... he was intrigued by my recent bareback poll and wants to add his own 2 Cents re Testing......

(2CW) Hey Simon. Welcome back and thank you for doing this.

All good. It's a topic close to my heart and genitalia after all ;)

(2CW) Now you have left sex work I understand? Can we do a more in depth profile on that another time?

Absolutely! Happy to :)

(2CW) Thanks. Now. Firstly, tell us about your testing regime.

OK - as a professional in the adult sex industry, I get tested for EVERYTHING monthly. This is the law in the State of Victoria. I get a full bloods and swabs test. This includes;
  • HIV
  • All blood borne STI's (sexually transmitted infections) including Syphillis
  • Penile, Oral and Anal swabs or Gonorrhea, Herpes, Chlamydia and Warts
  • A pee in the cup to see if there is urinary infection
  • And a full "look over" my cock, arse and throat for physical symptoms of anything
  • I also get my Doctor to feel my balls for lumps and bumps - this is a testicular cancer first step test that *I* think everyone should get.
(2CW) OK - I have to say that is quite the battery of testing. Now how about pre-industry? How did you get tested then?

Before my work in the sex industry I was pretty clueless and all I did was HIV and Hep A & B vaccinations. I didn't get any of the other tests done coz I thought I was a hot guy who couldn't catch anything coz I only fucked hot guys. Looking back I see that was TOTAL bullshit. *I* think that it's the hot guys (hot douches actually) you have to worry about coz their arrogance keeps them ignorant. AND it puts you at risk.

(2CW) Have you ever caught an STI?

Yes. I've had crabs a bunch of times. But they're just inconvenient. I have had NSU (Non Specific Urethritis) twice, Chlamydia once, Penile Gonorrhea once, Penile Warts once, and a throat infection that was diagnosed as sexually related but came back negative on tests.

(2CW) Did you freak out?

The only thing I freaked out about was the wart - that's coz warts can increase your chance of testicular cancer.

(2CW) Now you're not in the sex industry any more, is your testing regimen going to change?

Yeah. It'll now be quarterly. Still the same battery of tests. But every three months.

(2CW) Your advice to anyone reading this?

Get tested. Get tested often. Know your body. You can never be paranoid about your health. Any weird colouration, lump or bump or ooze - get it checked.

(2CW) Thanks for dropping by mate and we'll talk again soon re your exit from the Industry :)

Shall do - take care all. Peace.

.............There you go - straight from the professionals mouth.....


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