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Chasing butterflies

Dreamt I was in a meadow with Ex, and he turned into a small butterfly and flew away. I was chasing, but it was hopeless, he was so small, I couldn't keep track of where he was. So sad..  So, so sad.. I felt panic, too.

Also dreamt about Leigh, my highschool best friend! I miss her, I wish she was on Facebook, she isn't. We haven't had much contact for about 20 years, since she got married when we were about 23, I think. I know where she is, I was friends with her husband for a while, but they're neither of them very communicative. She sent me a sweet note a few years ago, and then nothing at all. She has 3 boys now, I guess she's too busy.  It's her birthday next Monday. Also sad..

Achey heart today. Why do people we love have to leave our lives?

Talking of which, I am paying close attention to bitch's chart this week, she has Mars in early Aries, with Uranus, and now Venus, conjunct it. Venus is in detriment in Aries, which means it won't do her any favors conjunct that Uranus transit she has going on at the moment. It could even spark an incident.  I am keeping my fingers crossed to hear some news soon, somehow, about them splitting up, or her losing her rag completely. Best case scenario, she leaves town. (Or falls under a bus). Uranus conjunct Mars can be physically violent in some way, accidents, death, pain, electrocution, etc.  I can only hope. And I feel 'evil' for saying that, but I really, honestly, sincerely do.

I saw a photo on CNN or somewhere a few days ago, of a woman who had gone missing a while back, and recently been found dead, and she looked remarkably like bitch, it was most satisfying.  Same deep-set beady eyes, beaky nose, and freckly skin, and dull, dirty blonde hair.

I am not sure I'd ever hear about it.  I have fewer and fewer lines of communication left between me and that whole scene now anyway.
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