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Neptune into Pisces

Neptune has finally, permanently left Aquarius, and gone into Pisces, thank fuck.  I don't have to endure that for another 150 years. Gone. Done. All the illusion, delusion, rose tinted glasses, ideal image of myself, my life, etc.  As an Aquarian, having Neptune in our sign wasn't always comfortable. It's not at home there. Neptune rules Pisces, so it's going home, and we'll all be happier, this next 12-13 years. It's there now until 2026.
These last 12-13 years have been the best and worst, but it's interesting to observe what happened in my life during that time. That was the span of my marriage, my relationship with Ex, pretty much.  My relationship with previous Master, and then subsequently Master, too. (will have to stop calling him 'Master', he ain't the boss of me.)  The whole cycle of that experience fell neatly under Neptune in my sign. I got more seriously interested in previous Master in about 1998, and started to pursue His teachings, and took some classes. That lead to a massive change of life for me, and a move of many thousands of miles from home. 

I have also held down a steady job during most of that time, but am starting to feel the urge to move on, be creative, do something else for a living, now Neptune's moving into my solar 2nd house of "earned income". Could be time to quit the steady office job soon. It's so confining. I hate it, really. I woke up dreading going into work this morning, and I haven't really done that, previously. It's always been ok, something I knew I had to do to survive, but lately, I'm not so sure. After I bought the condo, I realized I have enough cash spare that if "anything happened" I could survive ok and make payments for a good long while. Well... Then I started thinking..  If I can do that, then..  Maybe I can get a crappy job paying less, but with no stress, no responsibility, freer schedule, etc, that allows me to do something more creative along side it.  How Neptunian. I am getting into one of the arts, and would love to make some kind of more than a hobby out of it. A hobby that pays sometimes.
That, and perhaps also unrealistically, I have an uncle with terminal cancer. My Dad's brother. Dad has said that I have some significant money coming when he goes. He's probably good for another few years, who knows. I can't rely on that, but it has stopped me worrying, and allowed me to think about buying the condo.  But until then, until I get clear signs, I am sticking to my day-job. Looking for the signs though..

Had a truly WONDERFUL weekend away with E, we got out of town, to the ocean, saw some wildlife, ate some awesome food, had wonderful sex..  Friday night, I came so hard I burst out crying. I was so overcome with emotion, I just collapsed on top of E and began sobbing.. He found it amusing. It was.  So that's our joke now. 
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