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Writing for Another Blog

We were both asked last week if each of us would be interested in writing a Guest Post for another blog and we spent a good portion of the weekend working on those. It's funny how writing posts for our own blog seem a lot easier than writing one for somebody else's blog.

It's sorta like you've been invited to a dinner party at someone else's house, someone you don't know all that well and you want to make sure you make a good impression.

You definitely want to wear the right clothes, make sure your hair looks okay, and you won't be too nervous making the necessary small talk until you get to know them better and can relax.

And, of course, what if you run into somebody at the dinner party and they're really, really smart and they try to talk to you about astrophysics or whether mathematics was invented or discovered?

This is just an over exaggeration of course. The person at the blog we're writing for is super nice and was extremely helpful in making suggestions for topics and answered all our questions and made us feel relaxed and welcomed.

Guess you can tell we're "a little" nervous about stepping out of familiar territory. But then again, that's a big part of what growing up is all about, right?

We're both actually excited about what we've written. As soon as we find out the date they're going up, we'll post something here with directions on how to find the "dinner party" where we'll be. We'd appreciate it, however, if you don't ask us about astrophysics, please. Thank you. ;)
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