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You're not the boss of me..

Dreamt I had a white dog to take care of, and it hated me. It was trying to bite me, and I had to carry it with me, it was heavy. I had hold of it by a roll of loose skin on it's head to stop it turning and biting me. It was a bulldog and a pit-bull at the same time, a white one. I had to carry it out to a car to look for something I had left in the car.
I was sad that the dog wanted to hurt me. I like dogs, and didn't want the dog not to like me, but I had to show it who was boss.
I have never been very good at that, I'm always sure I'd be a crap dog-owner, I've always had cats, and been owned by them. :)  

I think possibly this is my feeling toward Ex?  I am carrying all this anger around, and it tries to bite me. I have to show myself I am not owned by my anger. It's been a slow battle, 2+ years now I have been battling these fucking demons, anger, revenge, hate, sadness, jealousy, etc. 

Here's a post that cheered me up this morning, from Goddess Aphrodite. Exactly.
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