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2 hour lunch

Boss took me and my manager out for a 2 1/2 hour, 2 bottle of wine lunch today.. lol   I think we needed that.
What was interesting, is he's a Christian, and we got into spiritual talk, and he really opened up.  We have a mutual friend, who used to be our marketing manager here, and I said how her and I had a deep sense of who in our office was 'tuned in', and his name always came up. He needed to hear that, I could tell. His dad is dying, and he's so sad.. And all week, I had him on my radar, though I didn't consciously know. I told him that.  It broke my heart when I heard about his dad. He's a Good Man, for a Christian Republican.  ;-)  One of the real ones, not the stupid-ass idiots that let their fervor and patriotism rule their common sense. He really has a deep sense of the profound, I have always appreciated that about him. He's Lutheran. I confess, I don't know much about Lutherans.
We managed for a moment to find what was common to us, what we could both agree on in spiritual terms. 
It was a wonderful gift, to have that lunch with him today.  And I am slightly wasted. Not got much done today.  I had about 3 glasses of Cab.  E laughed, when I got back to the office. :)  Manager had a proposal due out today, too, I'm not sure she got it all handled..  An interesting day at work.
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