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I had another dream like the dog dream a few days later, only this time, it was a dead wolf carcass. I had fallen, and there was a dead grey wolf on top of me, with it's head all full of teeth and snarls, and it's eyes all blank and staring.  It was somehow a zombie-wolf, and was still going to bite me, even though it was dead. I had to hold it by the ears, to stop it from biting.

The other night, I dreamt I was eating crushed snails, and woke up with something going down my throat. I am half scared I swallowed a spider or something. It was really disgusting.

Anyway, apart from the odd nightmares, which I don't normally suffer from, things have been good.  I am feeling the benefit of having moved away from Ex's neighbourhood, and am seeing raccoons and hummingbirds in my new garden, it's great.  It's quiet. I sleep well there.  Things are coming together.  I have a few things I will have to get rid of which I'd rather not, I have no space for them, but apart from that, it's good.

S's mother died. She's been back east for the last few weeks, and I haven't really missed her constant need to talk about things from our pasts.  It's been nice just to let it go and move on.  I am having dinner with her tonight, I will try my best to keep the conversation about her, not about me and Ex.  She can help me, take a few things to goodwill for me in her car. I haven't really seen her since the move a month ago.

Had great sex with E last night. I wasn't really in the mood, was feeling a little queasy after a big piece of pizza for dinner, but when he got into bed, I was just so happy he was there, and happy just to 'service' him, that I actually ended up really enjoying it myself.  :)  I think I am getting more sensitive inside. Sex with E is very different than sex with Ex was.  Hard to believe that in a few days, I'll have been dating E for 18 months!  I hadn't planned on that.  But I'm happy.  I really feel some genuine love for him, he's a very special guy.
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