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A Valentine to Remember

We've shared some of Sammy's poetry here (always with her permission, even though she says when she gives it to us, it's a gift and ours to use however we like). If you remember from last week, we thought it would be fun to ask for some ideas about different sexual role plays for after our Valentine's Day date. Sammy posted a short description of her idea (you can see what she wrote on the February 16th post), and then she sat down and expanded on it. What you see here is an incredibly well-written and sizzling hot short story. We wanted to share it with all of you, but be forewarned... have a fan close by so you can cool down or get ready to jump in a cold shower to get your body temperature back to normal! Thank you, Sammy!

A Valentine to Remember
... for Matty and Bradley
by Sammy

Bradley shrugged on his coat and walked toward the main doors of the restaurant. I can’t believe Matt just left me here. How could I have gotten this so wrong? I mean the guy seemed so into me — Jesus, he even left that damn baseball cap of his at home for the night. Although him, naked, wearing nothing but that cap…god, why couldn’t that have been the way this night ended!

Bradley reached down to adjust himself; the zipper of his Tuxedo pants had begun to dig into his rapidly growing erection. The little lacy red thong he had put on earlier in the evening was doing nothing to protect his aching cock. After hours of begging his sister, she had gone and purchased the underwear for him — just so he could surprise Matt tonight.

Matt had confessed just a week before that he often fantasized about seeing Bradley in sexy underwear and Bradley had grabbed onto that with both hands—well, both cheeks, so to speak! Guess I won’t be showing off that little surprise tonight!  Instead here I am going home…alone…in a rented limo.  Damn…just damn! 

The limo was sitting idling curbside. With a sigh, Bradley pulled open the back door and bent down to get in the back seat. Huh? The light must be out ... funny it was working fine earlier this evening. Thinking that he should probably tell the driver, Bradley began to turn in his seat, moving to get out of the limo to go up front and speak to the guy when he felt his wrists being grabbed and shoved behind his back. 

Quick as lightening, he felt the rope slip around them and cinch tight. What the hell?? Bradley began to struggle trying to pull away from the man who had grabbed him and now had one arm firmly around his waist forcing him up against the intruder’s chest. Suddenly Bradley felt a warm, wet tongue slowly gliding up the side of his neck causing a shiver to run down his spine. Two soft lips wrapped around his earlobe as sharp teeth bit gently into his flesh, causing a moan to escape from Bradley’s mouth. 

Bradley felt the hot breath flow down his damp neck as the man spoke, whispering into his ear: "Your mine baby, all mine. There's no sense in struggling. I have you right where I want you and before this night is over you're going to be begging me to never let you go.” 

Bradley felt the power of that voice all the way down to his toes. He thought he should open his mouth, scream for help. He needed help, didn’t he? For some reason, Bradley couldn’t shake off the heat of lust that seemed to crowd his thoughts. 

He tried once more to open his mouth to speak. He heard a breathy chuckle as the man spoke: “Oh don't bother calling for help. The driver won’t be of any assistance. It just so happens he is on the company payroll. Damn, I must have forgotten to mention that this is a company limo — my company limo.” 

And with that, Bradley felt the man’s lips close on the soft flesh right below his ear and begin to caress it with his tongue, sucking and licking, pulling up a mark on his neck. Bradley moaned once more, all thoughts of struggling to escape falling far, far away.

"I watched you all night long. Every time those lips of yours wrapped around that wineglass I imagined them wrapping around my cock, just like this.”  Bradley felt a hand caress his cock, causing his hips to thrust upward against the hot hand as if begging for more. Once again a husky laugh echoed through the cab of the limo. 

As the hand continued to caress his traitorous flesh, Bradley felt the hard thrust of the man’s cock against his thigh. Jesus, the man was huge … and hard as nails. “Can you feel what you do to me baby?" The man wrenched Bradley’s face back toward his, taking him in a hard and fast kiss. Pulling back just slightly, Bradley felt the man’s hot tongue slip out and gently lick across his lips causing Bradley’s mouth to open just wide enough for it to slip inside.

As he thrust over and over into Bradley’s mouth, his hand stroked with increasing pressure on Bradley’s cock, up and down, in and out until Bradley felt his eyes roll back in his head as waves of pleasure crashed into him over and over. 

With a whimper, Bradley felt the man pull back slightly. His glazed eyes came to rest on the man’s face, only faintly discernible in the darkening gloom of the back seat. The man smiled and his teeth gleamed white as he ran his tongue over them, reminding Bradley of a vampire about to ravish his next victim. 

“Do you know what I’m going to do to you when I get you home, pretty boy?”  Bradley shook his head, fighting back yet another whimper. “I’m going to suck that luscious cock of yours until you scream my name over and over again.” 

Bradley closed his eyes, unable to stifle the moan that escaped as the image of that hot mouth wrapped around his cock flashed into his mind. Once more a hot wet tongue caressed his neck, gliding slowly up across his chin and pushing against his lips, seeking entrance. Like a wild man, Bradley drew that tongue into his mouth, sucking and pulling while bucking up against the hand that still caressed his hard cock.  Bradley lost all control moaning into the man’s mouth and saying over and over again, “yes, yes, fuck me, oh god, please fuck me”. 

As the limo pulled up to the front of Bradley and Matty’s house, Matty chuckled softly one last time and said, “Lover, your wish is my command.  Happy Valentine’s day, baby.” Bradley pulled back and said, “You, me, inside, naked, with just the cap…NOW!” Matty smiled…and obeyed.
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