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Well, thankfully, I re-tested that anonymous email page today, triple-checking the correct email fields, and I didn't get one, so I think it was just not working.. Phew!  Big sigh of relief..

Ex's best friend Steve and I have been talking on Facebook. Why keep a dog, and bark yourself?  Steve's a sweetie..  And willing to help, believing Ex to be the stupid douchebag he is, and believing that I am a saint.  ;-)  I am, of course..
Steve knows Ex better than most, and loves him, too. He was so sad when we split. To Steve, Ex and I had the perfect relationship.
  Let's see what comes of that..  They have been talking a lot, apparently. Steve said indeed, Ex is facing a crisis at the moment, though didn't say what it was, but I can guess from his chart, he's run into trouble at work, I think.  Let's see. And let's see how close skank-bitch stands next to him when he needs her. If it's about money, she will split. 
Master's friend D didn't hold out much hope that she wouldn't run out on him soon. She has with everybody else she's ever been with. D was her longest relationship at 2 years, and that's not healthy for a 38 year old. What makes Ex think he'll be any different? 

I am bloated up like a fucking whale today, and can tell I'm about to start bleeding.  I always get too emotional and self-pitying about all this crap when my period's due.  Feeling better about things today.

I feel good that Steve might be the catalyst we need to start talking again, and that I have done something concrete, set that in motion by sending Steve in with guns blazing.  Like he said, it can't hurt.  I have nothing to lose that I haven't lost already.
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