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Keep Calm and Carry On

Well, there's been a whole flurry of FB messages between me and Steve today, and he's going to chat to Ex tonight.

Here's something Steve said that threw me a bit.. (Italics mine.)

"[Ex] called me today, we have a telephone conference scheduled for this evening, i'll let u know how it turns out..I already told him to call u and after we speak tonight, perhaps he will. if he does reach out to you, please try to have and open heart and open mind and BE CALM..don't go off, don't cry, do not scream, just have a calm conversation and keep it brief..most important, worst case scenario, is that you're speaking and on cordial terms and I'm sure he will appreciate that very expectations, but I think you can help him and that's why I'm reaching out to him. also I think this help you too, it might help heal a little..I can feel pain and I'm trying to help both of you..enough said, love ya" 

I think he has me figured as the hysterical female, but that's ok. Perhaps I have been. So what's that part about 'I think you can help him'?  I hope this isn't just Steve trying to be a do-gooder. I am half afraid it is. If it's Steve reaching out to Ex on this one, and it's not coming from any desire on Ex's part to contact me himself, then I am a little wary.  I won't hold my breath for that call.   But, it is a step forwards in an otherwise impossible situation, with 2 stubborn idiots who refuse to talk to each other, so kudos to Steve for trying.  I am open. And nervous.  Terrified, in fact. 

I just checked the astrology of my combined chart with Ex, and Mercury retro is bang on our combined Chiron at the moment. Communication where there has been none, healing of wounds, return of old friends..  The recent Sun-Uranus conjunction was bang on top of our combined Saturn, so that's cool too, and Pluto is right on our combined Descendant, and Juno is conjunct the North Node on my own Descendant at the moment too.  Juno being the marriage partner.  And he still is my marriage partner, no matter what common sense and the law may say about it.  I also just noticed Ceres is opposite my own natal moon, too. What all of that means, combined, I couldn't tell you, but it's a good recipe for possible healing to occur, and patterns of behavior to be broken up, around marriages and close relationships.   

Whatever, it was just nice to be able to tell Steve my end of the story.  Even that much, I feel a weight lifted.  Somebody in Ex's life, knows what happened, what a douche he was, and that I still love him anyway, despite all of that.  That might be enough.  
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