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Big Announcement Schedule

In our post from last Friday, we said we were just about ready to make a big announcement. This is a really special occasion and we've been busy with lots of planning, as usually goes with this type of thing.

Brad and I have been busy talking about how we want to announce it here on the blog, and have decided that we'll be doing that sometime during the first week of April.

In the meantime, we're going to do two things as far as what we post here.

First, between now and that day in the first week of April, we have some posts planned that have nothing to do with the announcement. We might post a fun video or write about something funny or challenging in our relationship. As far as the blog goes, just business as usual.

Second, we are going to publish a series of posts entitled, "Big Announcement Clue." The first one will be, "Big Announcement Clue #1", and so forth. This will be our way of sharing with you the excitement we feel about what we're announcing.

In these "Big Announcement Clue" posts, we'll write what appears to be just a usual post where we're probably going to be talking about our love, issues in our relationship, life in general, and so forth. However, in these posts, we're going to drop one or two "clues" about what it is we'll be announcing that first week in April. The clues may be a phrase or a word that if you think about it, might lead you to some ideas about what it is we're going to be announcing.

We're thinking we might be posting 3 or 4 "Big Announcement Clue" posts between now and the day we make our big announcement.

If you think you may have discovered a "clue", leave a comment sharing what you think the clue is pointing to. You're free to make as many guesses as you like, but for each guess you have to connect it to the "clue" you think you've discovered.

For example, if you say, "I think the special occasion is (X) because Brad keeps using the word 'Y' over and over again in the post. And that can only mean this is about 'Z'."

Hope you have fun finding the clues.
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