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Holy shit..  Read my dream below this post.  I just read this on one of my favourite astrology websites!
"Last month on the 23rd, Spanish astronomers discovered the latest near-earth asteroid called "2012 DA14"... In the first three images below, you can see just how close this bad boy came to earth on Feb 11th... To look up in the sky, you wouldn't have seen it or even known it was there.."
What's interesting, is not so much that there was an asteroid, (because in a way, it's irrelevant, having happened on the 11th of last month), is the fact that my fave astrologer posted it today, after my dream this morning. That's what I find crazy. It's a sign that when I need information, it will come, I think.  A sign that I have the capacity to see the information I need when I need it.
Incidentally, it comes close again, on Feb 16th, 2013, a few days after the date I was just writing about in my and Ex's combined chart. Strange..  
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