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Nan's House and a prediction.

Dreamt E and I were walking past my Nan's old house, and the house was being partly demolished. My Aunt Chris was still living there with her girlfriend, and we were surprised she still had a light on because there was no roof on the house any more. I said that this was the start of everything changing.

I was standing on an old wooden table in the back garden that had a plank on it that was only half there, and it collapsed when some guy jumped onto it with me, and there was something coming at us from the moon, a rocket maybe, that was going to crash into us in half an hour, only nobody knew about it except me.

Makes me wonder what family changes are about to happen. Felt a little prophetic, somehow.  The last time I had the feeling that 'today everything changes' was when previous Master died. I found out about 6 hours later that indeed, everything had changed.  

Speaking of prediction, I was taking a look at my composite midpoint chart with Ex yesterday for some reason, something just made me look. I noticed that next January 24th, Pluto goes over our combined Descendent at 10 Capricorn, the relationship point in the chart. I am expecting a message that day, at the very least.

There are a lot of other amazing transits that day too, such as Jupiter conjunct my own natal Ascendant, Uranus exactly conjunct our combined Saturn and opposite our moon. The Sun is conjunct our Jupiter, Venus and Juno (represents marriage), are both in our combined 7th house, (Juno and Pluto being almost conjunct).  Saturn is conjunct our combined North Node, and the current North Node is conjunct our Neptune. Mercury is also opposite our Juno. In other words, I think some healing is possible.  But maybe not until next January. Which fits completely with what my favourite tarot reader said. He said December. 

It will take a fucking miracle, and I think next year, we might get one. Another 10 months.  Maybe not a reconciliation, but definitely some healing of some kind. Lots of karmas being released, with the north nodes and Saturn and Jupiter all so prominent, and so many exact conjunctions occurring at the same time at key points in the chart.  
Today I might look at what that date means in my own chart, and in his.  Maybe nothing. But it just gave me a little boost to see all that yesterday.  
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