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I had lunch with my financial advisor today, he's kind of cute.. Married with a 7 year old, but still a little flirty, lunch with him is always fun. 50 mins of mild flirtation, and 10 mins of finances. 
I am putting my assets in his care. 

After buying the condo, I still have assets that are sitting in Wells Fargo doing fucking nothing, earning pennies, so now I have some in govt bonds which yield about 10% interest, and some tech stock fund he's got himself, that earns about 12%!  A little risky, but..  I am so conservative when it comes to money, it's about time I got a little riskier with a portion of it. I put about $2,500 in to the stock, that way I don't lose too much if it crashes. The govt bonds are apparently very safe, and have a big yield compared to the other crap out there. I trust this guy. He's proven to be ok so far with his advice and what I didn't lose when everybody else did. That's been my strategy, not to lose money, but now I think I should change that into actually making some. 

I think the right thing to ask your advisor, is ok, if this was YOUR money, what would YOU put into? 

There is a Venus-Jupiter conjunction at the moment, part of a Grand Trine in earth, with Pluto and Mars, helping us secure our finances a little, make something stable from something unstable.  I am taking advantage of it.  Mercury goes retrograde today though, so I just hope he doesn't lose my check.  ;-)
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