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Where in the World Are Matt and Brad?

Hello everybody!

Well, first things first, as they say.

On Saturday we announced there was a "big happening" this week but we didn't say what that "happening" was. We did, however, drop six clues that might point you in the direction of what this "big happening" was.

Okay, first an explanation. I tried to see if I could pull off some "tongue in cheek" humor in my post since I've been in a somewhat silly mood. This has been a tough semester with a full load of classes and my brain has been in overdrive trying to stay focused on my schoolwork. I've been needing some "silly time."

So, back to my "tongue in cheek" humor. According to Wikipedia, this term is defined as, "...a figure of speech to imply that a humorously intended and it should not be taken at face value." 

Where was the "tongue in cheek" humor in my post? Thanks for asking! I've heard if you have to explain your humor, then you're probably not being humorous. Thus, this explanation:

The sentence that was tongue in cheek was, "We wanted the clues to be somewhat subtle, so we're not going to say anything that's going to be be too obvious." Then I gave six clues throughout the post that were not "somewhat subtle" and were "too obvious."

Okay, that last paragraph is making my head spin. I get like that sometimes, but I'm not going to apologize because that's just how my brain works sometimes.

Now, on to solving the "not subtle" and "too obvious" six clues.

The six clues that gave away the "big happening" this week were the six graphic images. The BIG HAPPENING this week is that we're on

Get it? Those six images were "not subtle" and were "too obvious." Okay, so I'm signing up for a Stand Up Comedy course next semester. {Brad is now rolling his eyes as I type this!}

Anyway, we're on Spring Break this week and decided to head out of town for a little R & R. Tomorrow we'll let you guys know where in the world we are, but right now I have to get moving.

See if you can guess where we are. We'll give you a few clues (and these are not tongue in cheek clues, by the way):

  1. We're in the State of Massachusetts.
  2. We're approximately 130 miles from our home (meaning somewhere west of Boston since you'll drop in the Atlantic Ocean if you go east of the city).
  3. There's plenty of space for lots of outdoor lovin'.
Tune in tomorrow for our destination and why we chose it. And on Wednesday, the post title is, "Oh My God, Are They Really Doing That? Have They No Shame?"

Oh, and just another reminder
about our Thursday post.
Please, I beg you, don't miss it.
It's highly entertaining and SIZZLING HOT!
It's gonna be talked about
for generations to come!

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