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I dreamt there was an adorable baby sloth trying to climb up me, and sit on my shoulders. It dug it's claws in my leg, as it climbed, so I had to help it.  Could be because I watched this recently?

Too cute for words...

Sloths, sloth, lazinesss..  Also according to the few websites I found on google, Sloth Totems are about camouflage and psychic visions, and being a loner.  All things I feel resonate with me at the moment.

Animal dreams always have something to tell us, I'm convinced of that.

I skyped with my first real 'teacher' at the weekend, the woman I shared a house with in my early 20's, she was amazing. So good to see and chat with her!   She wants me to call her in private (I was at E's when I skyped), about helping me get over Ex. She's very shamanic and psychic, a real healer, no doubt she has something in mind to really help me drop the anger.
I was thinking of going back to get another tarot reading from the reader I saw back in November, too.  It's been 4 or 5 months. He nailed my living situation, and has been very accurate several times now.  I want to hear what he has to say by way of an update on Ex. He told me not to do anything for a while, and go back in a few months. I haven't, and it's time, I think.   
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