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April 6th full moon

Holy fucking shit, Batman..

Full moon on April 6th.  Read this..  Um..   Put that together with the exact April anniversary of when Ex and I first met. Oh, and the full moon will be a direct hit on my own natal Uranus (and bitches', which is the same degree as mine).

Venus retrogrades soon, May 15th, at 24 Gemini, (directly trining my moon). And where does it stop when it goes direct again in June?  ON my Ascendant.  Direct hit.. I am going to have an interesting summer. My love life will not be all that, until about end of July, when it passes 24 Gemini again.  Put into the mix, that during that time, it will be in conjunction to the Sun, in a very unusual configuration, it passes in front of the Sun, rather than behind it, which most of our annual Sun-Venus conjunctions do. And during that time, Jupiter will be going from my 12th to 1st house.  THEN, there is the May 20 eclipse, a direct hit on my Saturn.   Hhmm..

Here's a great article on the Venus Retrograde.  

I spend far too much time looking at astrology charts. That's why I find it hard to give up hope sometimes. I see that 'this too shall pass', and things, no matter how shitty, do eventually move, with the wheels and cogs of the Universe.  I would like to stick a spanner in there at times though, and slow it all down for a moment.
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