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Still feeling a mixture of anger, sadness, bemusement, at what happened with Ex and my Facebook message.. I just get the feeling that previous Master was behind all that somehow. I can't see him liking the gossipy side of Master all that much, and I think he would want somebody to communicate that that's not in the general job description of 'Guru'. Really, it's not. Somebody forgot to tell Master that, I think, so it was my job.

I was so scared of him, tried so hard to be respectful. I was so careful not to ever 'offend' him, and all that crap, I think that's the gift in this for me, I totally 'offended' him in the worst way possible, and guess what, there was only indignation and offense, no humor or forgiveness.  What does that tell ya?  Hhmm..  I guess he didn't LIKE being called a gossipy bitch, after all.  And I found out that I'm not scared of him any more. He is just another regular person, 'Enlightened' or not, he has no further power over me.

I am sad that Ex still has such a huge stick up his butt though, and that Steve managed to fuck up what could have been a very different situation between us.  Steve has been blocked, defriended, and generally un-Facebooked.  Should have done that a while ago.

Bring on the weekend. TGIF. I need a glass of wine.  Luckily, I have one, I might open a bottle here in work any moment. 

I learned to crochet last night, it's amazing what you can learn on YouTube. It's actually quite fun and relaxing.  :)

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