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Big Announcement Clue # 2

Just a reminder that if you didn't read our post on Friday, March 23, this post may not make a whole lot of sense.

Today is "Big Announcement Clue #2 Day!"  Under the red double lines below, you'll find one or two clues about what it is we're going to announce during the first week of April. The clue or clues may be a phrase or a word that if you think about it, might lead you to some ideas about what it is we're going to be announcing.

If you think you may have discovered a "clue", leave a comment sharing what you think the clue is pointing to. You're free to make as many guesses as you like, but for each guess you have to connect it to the "clue" you think you've discovered.

For example, if you say, "I think the special occasion is (X) because Brad keeps using the word 'Y' over and over again in the post. And that can only mean this is about 'Z'."

It was a while into our relationship before Matty and I met some other gay couples who had been together for a considerable length of time. We got the chance to spend time with them and it was so reassuring to see that if two people care about and love each other, they can have a successful relationship.

We had already met some "downers" who maybe had never experienced love or maybe had some bad experiences where they had been hurt in some way. That's how we explained why they might have been skeptical about whether long-term Love was even possible.

We did get some really good advice about how to think about being "in love" with someone. We found ourselves following a lot of the advice that sounded solid and wise.

Some of the advice we followed was, "Don't try to rush things or make yourself feel something just because it's how other couples do things." 

The other advice we got was, "Just because you have arguments or disagreements doesn't mean your love is doomed. Sometimes talking through your problems can lead to new understandings and a deeper love."

We were really fortunate to have met some of these couples and gotten some good things to think about. Much of their advice we sill follow today, and we're a stronger couple because of it.
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