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Love, Passion, and Two Hearts, Part 2

Last week, we posted this pic and asked some questions about who these guys might be, what they might be thinking about, what might be happening, etc. Some of you fired up your imagination and wrote a short story about them.

For some reason, Blogger was having some technical difficulties and all of a sudden some comments weren't being posted and a few were sent to the "spam" folder. Raji (Brahmin in Boston) tried to post her story but Blogger hiccuped and it wouldn't go through. 

Here's Raji's story. In addition to the storyline, we also liked how she was able to tell a story in such few words while at the same time there's more going on here... beneath the lines. It's so sweet and makes you want to know more. Thanks, Raji.

~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

These two guys have been friends since high school - Dave and Rick. Dave is the one on the left. Rick recently came out and confessed that he has been hung up on an unattainable dream. This has Dave rattled. He knows he needs to do something and 'fess up his feelings before he loses his best friend as well as his love. A chance - that is all that he needs right now.

Dave plans a day trip near one of the lakes that is 30 mins drive from their town. Rick's heart is breaking on thinking how his friend is behaving a bit strangely after he came out. He had hoped that this wouldn't happen (although he feared it. A LOT).

As soon as the lake came up Dave stripped down to his boxers and ran, splashing the water on to Rick. Couple of hours in the lake, just swimming and reveling in silence Dave figured out that it is time for him to take action (plus they were shriveled like raisins). He walked up to the place where they had piled their clothes and slipped into his jeans.

"Hey Rick, look what I found in here!" Dave shouted. Rick dried himself and saw that Dave was peering in between two rocks. "What is it?" he walked up to the space and peered. Rick was nothing if not curious.

Dave turned and hooked his fingers through Rick's jeans' belt hoops and pulled him flush to his chest. He leaned close to Rick, his eyes on Rick's lips. "Hmmm..." Dave hummed.

Rick licked his lips. He too couldn't take his eyes of Dave. Can this be possible? Is he getting the right picture? He decided to take a huge leap - eyes blindfolded and walk to the edge of the cliff kind of a chance. "This is exactly what my dreams were made of" he whispered. “I-I… Can I touch you?"

Dave's smile lit up the space that they were squished in. "I knew I was irresistible! Just for the record - can't think of a better dream or reality than this," Dave's eyes had turned darker and his voice was husky.

Seems like both of their dreams came true.
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