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Purple Pentagrams and Red States

I had a dream at the weekend, that I was in a field with 2 of my occultist friends, and I was drawing a large neon purple pentagram around them, and chanting in a language I didn't know. I could somehow 'see' what I was chanting. I think it was possibly Enochian.
Anyway, I emailed my friend the dream, and he said that he's been feeling so weird lately, and a little freaked out by things, and the other friend of ours has just moved out of his house the day of my dream, after a painful divorce, and is also feeling pretty odd and freaked out.
Was nice to know I was there for them, taking care of them on the Astral!  I think they could both use all the help then can get right now, both are facing big changes.. 

I am feeling pretty discombobulated myself at the moment, too.  Can't explain it, just feeling psychically 'antsy'.. Like something's 'up'.

Had a lovely Saturday night with E, Sister, and a bunch of our good friends, in a very nice restaurant with several bottles of expensive wine.. Did me the world of good.

Spent yesterday shopping. That always depresses me. I tried on several pairs of jeans that were all WAY too small for me. They didn't look too small on the hanger or the size label. My ass has got fat.

Meanwhile, here's an entertaining video for you that a friend of mine posted on FB..  

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