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A Quickie

Just a quickie update since you haven't seen much of us lately. Didn't want you to think we'd been sent to some kind of Witness Protection Program.

                  I GOT A JOB!!!

They didn't offer me a job at that fancy-smancy restaurant in downtown Boston, which I'm actually happy about. I think my age probably had something to do with it since all the the other waiters were in their 40s or older and had a sophisticated butler look to their appearance. Plus everybody in there talked with some kind of aristocratic accent you would expect to see on a TV program they might call The Queen Visits the Manor House (no offense to our UK friends intended).

This is the place where, when I asked about the possibility of getting some kitchen experience since I wanted to go to culinary school at some point, they just looked at me like I had gotten off the boat or something.

I did get a waiter job at a really nice restaurant in the 'burb next to where we live. I'm going to be working the lunch shift and they gave me 5 hours a day for 5 days a week. I might get the dinner shift a little later, which would be good since you make better tips then.

The owner said he talked to their chef and I may be able to get some hours in the kitchen. But he told me there was some kind of Health Department rule that unless you are a "certified" chef, you have to take this 5 hour course where they teach you that you need to wash your hands and, get this, if you cough or sneeze, you should always make sure your snot doesn't get in the food! Who would have known? LOL!

Oh, and when you're preparing the food, you should always be fully clothed, unlike Chef Hunk over there ------------------------------------>

Matty continues to enjoy his construction job. It's sweaty work and we're enjoying the mandatory shower he has to take once he gets home. I always make sure I haven't had my shower for the day when he arrives! At least we're saving water. I think. Somehow these shared showers seem to last longer for some reason. ;-)

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