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I had a call from my Dad this morning.  He really is awesome. He can be an asshole in a lot of ways, don't get me started, but fundamentally, he's a Good Dad. He didn't want a kid, I was a 'surprise', and have always known that, they never kept anything from me, including that my Grandad, my Dad's father, wanted them to have me aborted. So considering that, he stepped up, and took care of me until I was 17, when I left home. (Which is why E's kids annoy me, they're both early 20's and still totally sucking E's wallet dry!) 
Incidentally, I worked out, I was conceived on Beltaine!  Early Feb, work back 9 months, that's early May.

Anyway, my Dad.  With all the craziness in the office lately, he offered today, that if anything ever happens to my job, he will help me out with my mortgage. BIG weight off. I always knew he would, being as he gave me the equivalent of $13,000 US towards the down payment as a gift!
I almost quit on the spot..  lol   I think it's a good job CEO is cute, or else I might have quit already, it's been a pretty stressful couple of weeks here, and I haven't had nearly the down-time I'm used to having, to email friends, write my blogs, etc.

I am a spoiled brat, but you know, I am a thankful one.  I really have been blessed in this life with my Dad. My gratitude for him is immense.

In many ways, he's responsible for my deep love of the non-human world, nature, forests, animals, etc. I credit him with teaching me his own brand of Paganism. He might not call it that, but it is. He is Nature Boy, with a deep reverence for Nature. He has never been a Christian, he goes to funerals, weddings, etc, and like me, loves old stone churches, but not for religious reasons per se, just because they are beautiful and feel special inside, regardless of dogma.  He has also always been a heretic, in the true sense of the word, before that word was made bad by idiots.
"heratikos" in Greek means "free to choose".   He is also a Heathen, one who "worships on the heath". (Quite literally, how many beautiful, windy open moors have we walked across together?)  As opposed to people that limit their worship to being inside a specific building, which always seemed a bit stupid to us both.

So here's to my Dad, who taught me a lot about what I hold sacred today. 

Sometimes reading back through some of this blog, I get the impression of myself that I am an ungrateful stupid brat about many things, but I am not entirely that.  Here's somebody I am very, deeply grateful for, and love very, very much.
Maybe that's always been my problem when it comes to men, they have a lot to live up to!

I have the most beautiful photo I took of him a year or so ago, standing on his favourite moor, windswept silver hair, just looking so happy.  I would post it here, but for my anonymity.
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