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My mom's fuck buddy

I have 5 days to lose 20lbs.. lol    I have set up a meeting with sexy new CEO when he comes into town next week. I thought it would be fun to do that, and we were invited to do so, after all.  :)
Though, I notice the Mercury Mars square for that day. Ah well.I will be sure and be careful what I say. There's a danger of 'saying too much' when Merc squares Mars.. Noted. 

It's interesting to watch myself go through this mind-bullshit game again. I am sort of observing at a distance from myself. It is absurd. That pattern is so strong, of running away from intimacy, and onto the next thing. Urgh, ugly.
Thankfully, having realized I love E to bits, I don't think I will be taking this one quite as far as I have in the past, making a total ass out of myself, and hurting other people in the process. I think this one's just staying a mild crush, for now. It will pass, I'm sure. 

I have also picked up several astrology 'clients' in the last few weeks.  A couple of coworkers, and a friend of Sister's.  She's paying, the coworkers aren't, they think it's 'just a hobby', which it is, but... You know, some $'s would be nice for my time, too.  Anyway, these are people I love, so that's cool.  I am watching that, as the last eclipse hit my work environment sector, 6th house and 12th house of spiritual stuff. Seems logical that I put the 2 together once again. I worked as a professional psychic and tarot card reader 12 years ago, and gave that up when I moved to the USA, and found a 'proper' job with a regular paycheck. It's interesting that I find myself starting to get into that again with the astrology, rather than tarot now.

My mom sent me a pic of her fuck-buddy!  He's ok. Looks like a nice guy. I approve. It gives me hope that when I am 60+ and more overweight, going greyer, that I might still get laid by somebody half-way decent.  My mother is not the most attractive woman on earth, and if she can get some, the world is definitely a better place for that.     

I am so relieved, not to be talking about Ex all the damn time. He really has hardly popped into my consciousness much lately at all.  I think since S has been down in California.  :)
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