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Summer Plans

Hi everybody! This is Brad and I'm going to be your Blog Host for a little while.

Matty started work earlier this week and he's not exactly sure what his hours are going to be since they can vary from day to day depending on the job they're working on.

If you remember he got his old job back at the construction company where he'll be helping them update, refinish, and refurbish old homes. I gotta say he's in heaven going back there since he's definitely not your 9 to 5 office kind of guy! Put him in an office and he'll be staring out the windows daydreaming. And squirming in his seat. And getting up all the time to walk around looking for other stuff to do!

Plus I'm gonna definitely enjoy welcoming him home at the end of his day. I mean, having my very own hunky construction worker walk in the front door with that leather belt thingy they wear to carry a hammer, screwdrivers, and other assorted equipment, is, well, a real turn on! I've already gotten some "hammering" out of the deal within 5 minutes of him walking in the door -- and I'm not talking about the "hammer" in his leather belt thingy either! He's got another "hammer" he keeps hidden most of the time that's got my name written on it! ;-)

I've already gone on two job interviews myself and I have a third one lined up. There's a restaurant in the next town over from where we live that looks really promising. It's one of those restaurants that has a really nice atmosphere inside -- not too formal and not too casual. Somewhere in between. They're looking for wait staff, which I have some experience with, and I got the impression I probably got a job there, even though he didn't formally offer it to me yet. I'm going back this weekend to see him again and that's when I'll find out.

I told him I was interested in getting some kitchen experience, even though I've never worked in a restaurant kitchen, but I was able to talk intelligently about cooking and he seemed impressed I suppose. He said he would talk to his chef about it and said I would have to be flexible in my hours if it worked out. So, we'll see.

I also had an interview yesterday at this really fancy (meaning upscale, five-star) restaurant in downtown Boston. It's one of those you're definitely not going to see your average college kid frequenting! Coat and tie. Platinum credit card in the wallet (you know, the ones that advertise: "You've earned it, and now is the time to start living your dreams.").

I only got the interview because I have an uncle who knows some people in the restaurant business. They seemed really nice, but it's definitely five-notches above what I'm use to when we eat out.

It was pretty clear that they're only interested in filling some wait staff positions. When I asked about working in the kitchen, one of the managers just stared at me like a deer in the headlight. Must have thought I just got off the boat or something. He quickly composed himself and said they have an arrangement with some culinary schools (both locally and internationally, he didn't hesitate to tell me) where those students can come to get some professional experience before they graduate. I'm definitely not in the running for that, needless to say. But, if I get my foot in the door, well, that would be good.

Oh, the good news! Both of us passed all our classes with flying colors! Yippee! If you remember, I was is a constant state of nerves the whole semester. Keeping up with assignments, doing all the readings, going to all the study groups, making it to all the classes, etc.... Now I can't remember what all the anxiety was about! Well, I do, but all I can say is I'm glad the semester is over. I'm sure (keeping my fingers crossed) the next semester will be a little less nerve wracking!

I'm still continuing with my therapy sessions each week, even though I'm not in summer school. I had to pre-enroll for next semester and I had to agree do this research thing through my faculty advisor over the summer.

Anyway, the sessions are going well. I still like the therapist I'm seeing and he's mainly helping me "pace" (his word) myself in the sessions. After I finished with finals I was thinking, Okay, now I can really get into all the hard issues I was avoiding while taking classes.

Oh man, did I have a waterfall of tears talking about some childhood issues. He very firmly told me it was important to "pace" myself through all this, meaning not to feel I had to tear my heart open and spill everything out in one or two sessions! That was a great relief. Now we're going at a slower pace and it feels a lot better. He laughed when I told him I didn't want any more Niagara Falls sessions! He joked back and said if every session was Niagara Falls, he'd have to charge me for all the Kleenex!

Well, I guess that's it for now. If you'll excuse me I need to do some cleaning around the house before my construction worker comes home -- hopefully to do some "hammering" with that "tool" that has my name on it! LOL.

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