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Sacred Cow

Dreamt there was a bear outside, scoping out the house, and it got in. Ex let it in by taking the front door handle off. It ran through the house and into the room in the back that he was in, but he had escaped through the window. I hid behind a door and it ran past and didn't see me. Before the bear came in, it killed a sacred white cow outside, and I watched it die.

2 people came in, and the guy came over and lay on top of me, I got really annoyed. They took me for car ride, trying to get me to sell Kleenex for them. I didn't know them, and didn't want to, they felt deceptive.  Our cat was there in the car with me, and she escaped out the window, but found her way home, my Dad had her at my childhood home.

Urghhh, watching your Sacred Cows die is no fun.   It was all bloody and I felt so sorry for it. It was looking at me helplessly.  This bear was so clever and was watching me so closely.. Creepy dream!    Thankfully, E stayed last night, and when I woke up, he was squeezing me, and he told me he loved me. I must have been talking or looking like I was having a nightmare or something, it was so sweet.  :)
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