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I just deleted my Ex's astro information off my Astrodienst profile. His, bitch's and Masters. Gone. Bubye..  Felt good. Should have done that a long time ago. 

S has lost her job. I am ignoring her frantic texts, I feel bad, but she's so demanding, I am not on tap 24-7.  She will have to deal with this one without me for now. I am at work.  She also wanted me to call her last night at 9, but I was too tired, I ran a bath, then went to bed. I texted her at 8.50 to say so, then she texted me back at 10? WTF?  I was starting to drift into sleep, fuck her.  I am sorry, but she's so manipulative or insensitive, or something. 

I have another friend who is a mutual friend of Sister's that is a pain in the ass too, who sent me a 'you haven't responded to my email, do you want to be friends still' type email. No, I'm an Aquarian. No time for that manipulative shit.  Ignored..  Feels good to let a few people go today. 
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