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Gay Pride

Made it all the way up to Seattle for their Gay Pride parade yesterday. I was glad I made the effort, it was a lot of fun and I love visiting Seattle.
E didn't come with me, he said he had a bad back. That's fair enough. I think though, that he's a little homophobic. He'd never say that to me, but he doesn't go out of his way with any of my gay friends. Anyway, it was a nice afternoon and a great excuse to leave his place early in the morning to make it there for the parade.
I stopped at the Seattle Sex Positive Culture table, and took a flyer, but didn't stop to say hi to any of the folks there, they didn't look that inspiring, honestly, all sitting around bored, dressed in sweatshirts.  Ah well.  I suppose they're more fun behind closed doors.  ;-) 

I felt a little straight, it was hilarious to notice how out of place I felt in jeans and hoodie, when you had all kinds of things going on there. I am so white, straight and uptight, still at least I can laugh at myself. 

I just love cute gay guys with their asses and muscly arms all on display, it was well worth the gas money, cougar that I am.

Gay Seattle, I would marry you all tomorrow, I am actually legal to marry people! All my gay friends know that, I think they're fed up with me telling them.

I choked up at one point, just got totally overwhelmed by the sadness of them even having to fight for rights I take for granted. I wish they all had the same rights I do. I got married, and fucked it all up and got unmarried again. Doesn't seem fair somehow, they should also get that opportunity. ;-) 

Anyway, I am damn proud of MY gay friends. They've all had to fight idiots at some point in their lives, or had horrible people do bad things to them, quite often people in positions of real power or import, like parents, teachers, etc, and it breaks my heart.

I had a tarot card reading from one of the worst readers I've ever met, sadly. Somebody from Capitol Hill Psychics. She was a total fraud, and didn't get a thing right. She sounded like she was telling me a well rehearsed generic script she'd learned to spill out to all her customers. Worse than that, she was trying to persuade me that everybody in my life was 'negative', and I was surrounded by 'negative people', and she was the only person who had the means to help me with it. Bullshit lady. Bullshit, fuck you, you psychic vampire.
What a total waste of money, I should by rights have walked out without paying.

Still, it was my own fault, I probably went there for all the wrong reasons if I"m honest, I wanted her to tell me what she saw about CEO. She did say he was very sexually attracted to me, I will listen to that part..  ;-)
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