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Be Butch. Be Tall. Be Masculine. Be Blah Blah...

Oh for petes sake...........

Do you know what The Gayelles problem is.......

They want fucking perfection!!!

 Seriously - almost every bloody online gay has first a laundry list of what (naturally) you CAN'T be....
  • Dont Be Old
  • Dont Be Fat
  • Dont Be Femme
  • Dont Be Asian/Black/Latino/Muslim/Jewish et al
  • Dont Be Into The Scene
  • Dont Be HIV Positive
  • Dont Be Mental
  • Dont Be Blah Blah Blah
Then there is the list that you absolutely HAVE to be......
  • Be In The Gym
  • Be Smooth
  • Be Hot
  • Be Young
  • Be Like A Porno Star If You're Over 30
  • Be Neg
  • Be Safe Only
  • Be Into BB (yup - youd be surprised)
  • Be Employed In A High Paying Job
  • Be Romantic
  • Be Successful
Which is really what it all comes down to.  Gayes want someone better than they are.  They want an ideal - not a partner - certainly not someone with flaws G-d forbid.

I had a friend - quite hot too - who once declaimed "I will never date a fat person.  I don't want them to have a heart attack in the middle of them fucking me!!"  -   Needless to say that the individual in question met the man of his dreams and is still with him - and yes, it was and is a fattie.

Seriously - and gays wonder why they are alone and miserable.

Good Grief.

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