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 CEO's Lilith is exactly conjunct my Pluto, from what I have read about this on line, I have met my sexual soulmate...

From Yahoo Answers, of all places:

Lilith Conjunct Pluto:
You are deeply and profoundly connected to each other on a soul level. There is a transforming quality to your sexual expression and the deep emotions that surface when you are together. With the acceptance of the unconscious content that surface, you feel empowered individually. As a result the two of you together will be a powerful force, for each other and in the world. You are able to reach a level of intimacy together that can really fulfill you.

 NOW all I have to do is get him into bed and put that to the test... Easier said than done. Sounds like he'd make the perfect Dom. Yes, I have been exploring further, the idea that I might well be a sub... (Ha, says Sartorius, who knew this about me 18 years ago now.)

Synastry is really fascinating, I came across another whole new consideration about house placements today, and whether your planets fall into the other person's receptive houses or not. The odd numbered houses are 'active', and the evens are 'receptive', and you can tell from that, who in the relationship feels the most about it all. All my planets fall in his receptive houses, mostly. All his, fall in my active, which is pretty interesting to me, except a bunch of stuff in my 10th, which makes sense, because he is in fact, the boss of me. Seems from this at least, that he's 'receptive' to me!

Gah.. Why doesn't life always work out according to astrology? I guess it's only possibility, not always what actually manifests. I am getting my head stuck far too far up my butt over all this, I know.

 I was thinking about how whenever I think about him, it's not always dirty sexual fantasies per se, it's more often than not, fantasies about actually living my life with him. I'm not sure it helped to see that. I can't write it off as hormonal now. I don't just want him to bend me over the conference room table (and smack my ass ala Spader in Secretary), or hit the stop button in the elevator, or send me down to the parking lot to get something from his car for him..
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