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I had dinner with S last night. She paid. I let her. I do so much free astrology for her..

She shared that one of Master's women is almost dead, only a few weeks to go, she has very advanced cancer. Last time I saw her, that was a possibility, they were trying experimental drugs on her, and apparently they stopped working. That's sad, she was one of the nicer, more down to earth people there.

S didn't tell me a THING about Ex, she's learning. But she did say one thing that made me curious, though I didn't take the bait. She told me I am a better astrologer than I know.  Last time I saw her, I said a few things about Ex based on his chart. 

S has been having bad migraines recently, and it's affecting her eyesight, poor love.  She thought she had a brain tumor, it was getting that bad. No headache, just odd things happening to her vision.
She's been under so much stress at work, and on top of that, has started cycling 100 miles at a time, and running a lot, too. I think all that extra sudden stress on her body isn't helping. She says the running helps her burn off some of the negative feelings she has about her breakup with W, now almost a year ago.
She needs to let go. She was seeing the guy for what, about 2 months, and has spent a year getting over it. I know, I sound hypocritical, but I was married for 10, I think that's a little different. She and I are perfect mirrors, both pretty prone to obsessive behavior.  ;-)
She even tracked down the address of his girlfriend, I won't even say how, but through a series of convoluted things even Sherlock Holmes would be proud of. I made her laugh about it last night, but wow, she really is a little nuts, even by my standards. 
I spent my morning at work very productively, I plotted the astrology of both me and CEO, onto a print-out of our Davison relationship chart. Interesting where it all falls. Apparently from that, particularly the Asc/Dsc (his I don't really know but am guessing at), Moon, Sun, you can tell who has the most interest in a relationship, and I'd say it wasn't an uneven balance!  But maybe that's what I want to see.

So what. Dude's happily married, 2 kids, lives in another State, and is my boss's Boss.  sigh..  At least I am getting a good astrology lesson out of all this. It's a good excuse/motivation to study up on a few things, and learn some new ones.

E is out sick today. I have another lunch time and date night all to myself, can't say I'm upset, really. I am needing some extra space. I'm sorry he's sick, but.. Not entirely upset that I won't see him for a few days.
I am starting to feel a little sick myself, his son had a bad cold at the weekend, and I think we might both have caught it. I have been knocking back the vitamin C today but it might be too little, too late.

Feeling Venus retrograde approaching my Ascendant.. It's not a comfortable place to have a retrograde planet, particularly Venus. Well, Jupiter is all set to transit soon enough, I am looking forward to that. Perhaps Jupiter no longer being in Taurus, and Saturn going direct soon, and in a few months moving off my moon, will mean I will start to lose some of this fucking weight. I will take a long walk on my lunch break.   I took a long walk with S last night with her dog, and another one at lunch yesterday. Plus I always eat better when I eat at home, without E.  I know 2 days won't achieve a lot, but.. It's a start.

Happy Solstice!  Summer is apparently here now.  Always a depressing day for me, as the sun starts to go away again. But I guess that's a bit pessimistic.  :)    I would have it be June 19th for ever.. I love May and June best of all, perhaps that's my Gemini Ascendant.

Found this useful chart on the Cafe Astrology website the other day.  All the planetary retrogrades on a calendar format.
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