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Tarot Reading Dream

Dreamt that I had some time alone in a hotel room with hot CEO and I gave him a Tarot card reading.  He pulled a hand drawn version of Crowley's Aeon card and the Hanged Man, and another card I can't remember. (Dammit!). It was a Cups card.  I told him he had come to the end of an era in his life and that what he was moving into was much better than what was in the past, and he needed to start his life over again.
Our accountant was there, she was in the kitchen preparing food and was cleaning dishes with me.  I left the room and overhead CEO calling his brother to tell him that I had just nailed his situation, and that perhaps now he was ready to date other women again. I told him I was also single, and ready to date again and perhaps it wasn't too out of the question for him to date his secretary! 
 Holy fucking shit, that was the most vivid dream I've had in a while. Perhaps I should mail him a dead worm. Yeah, that will work. ;-)  (If you're curious enough to click the link, look at her face around 2 mins 47!)

I would love to know if he has a brother.  I would like to discretely ask him a few questions. 

When I woke up after that this morning, I lay in bed a while before getting up, and spent some time 'sending' myself some Reiki, specifically to heal the part of my brain that gets all obsessive and weird about such things, and then gets me into trouble or heart-broken.

I uploaded a new astrology ap to my iPhone, TimePassages, (the free version!) which is pretty good, but you have to pay to be able to use other features, such as chart comparisons. I paid my 99c, and took a look at me and CEO.  Fucking wish I hadn't. Him and I are unbelievably compatible..You should see the synastry list, my everything is trined or conjunct with his everything..  Argh.. Total harmony. Except for the Saturn Venus conjunction, and the Jupiter Saturn square.  Everything else, including Uranus, Mercury, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Juno, Venus, Neptune, Moon, Sun, lines up to look like an amazing sexy, affectionate, long term, spiritually compatible, marriage-possible relationship. It was fucking ridiculous.  Argh.. And did NOTHING to bring me back to reality. 

That reality being that I have a boyfriend I care about, he lives about a 3 hour plane ride away, is CEO of the entire company, and is happily married with 2 gorgeous kids and a gorgeous wife that he doesn't stop talking about.  So, I'm in with a chance then, obviously. 

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