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So, on the basis of my dream about giving hot CEO a tarot reading this morning, I went to see my fave astrologer/tarot guy locally.  He's hit 3 for 3 with the readings so far. I hope he gets number 4 right too.

I had more astrology than tarot, I think he prefers that, which is fine with me, as I get a lesson out of it, too.  I learned some things about progressions and the moon tonight.
Anyway, he said everything I am feeling about life in general, things of course that I had seen in my chart myself, and a lot of things I hadn't.
Jupiter about to move into my 1st house, and some more about being appreciated at work more, and finally having some respect, doing more interesting work, which has certainly not been true up to now. He said CEO sees me, and appreciates me and what my talents are, which is very true.  ~I hope he knows what else I'm good at. Apparently, I give great blow jobs. So I have been told more than once.

We had a quick look at CEO's chart. He likes him, said a lot of very right-on things and nailed his personality. We drew a tarot card, just one, and came up with the 10 of wands. He said, "He's overburdened. Don't overload him with the small stuff at the moment, keep your questions to a minimum. Let him see you can figure it out yourself" Ok.  He has a point,  he's just started a new business, and it trying to juggle himself between about 10 offices! Ours is a 3 hour flight away from most of the others.  He looked exhausted last time he was here.  Fucking Geminis..  They try and do everything all at once, multi-task, and burn out sometimes..  ;-)   I hope not. Though, he is due for his Uranus opposition any day.   I am watching that.
He said he thinks he has a big spiritual streak.

As for the rest of it, I didn't ask about any romantic involvement with CEO, I think I'd have got one of 'those looks', and not got the answer I want to hear. Or, part of me wants to hear..  And that's fine.  I am not about to throw E off the boat. And that's what tarot guy said, too, that the state of my love life, and my horizons, will open up soon, and that life will get more exciting. He did say he felt E wouldn't let me go that easily, and does love me, and might well get his act together later in the summer.  I think I know that. I am grateful for that, after Ex, who I think was jut dying for any old excuse to run off with bitch. Funny, I really don't think too much about him any more. I must be healing, finally.
I would just like to occasionally play with CEO, a nice dinner, some wine and a good vigorous spanking, ala James Spader.  ;-)   God, I love that movie..

I did almost go past Ex's office on the way to tarot guy's place tonight, but something stopped me. Fear, probably, though my ego would call it intuition. It was only a few blocks further, but I didn't do it.  Couldn't quite bring myself to.

Possible raise soon, according to tarot guy, in about August, and he thinks that in about 11 months, I will get some pretty big inheritance from my poor old cancerous uncle.  So sad..  I hope I don't get that too soon, I can wait.  He said that I might buy another place in about 3 years, and by then, be settled more into a relationship, and might even like the guy enough to live with him. He didn't say with whom.  But I don't think it will be E.  E has Saturn coming up for a transit to his Descendant in a few months. tarot guy thinks I will reach some kind of turning point there in about 4 months, based on my chart progressions, moon square natal Juno.  He might get his shot together, but who knows. I have Juno conjunct Uranus, so I need more lively of a partner, and will experience divorce at least once.  Oh, awesome. I hope it is only the once.. That almost killed me.  Juno fascinates me.

He said I would finally be traveling over the summer, and yes, that Sister might be taking me east on a road trip into the Great American Wilderness, Montana most likely. Which I told him afterwards, that yes, we have planned that trip for some time in late July or early August.. Can't wait for that..  Thelma and Louise.  She even has a convertible.  :)  I love Sister to death.. I am so lucky to have such a great fellow Aquarian bff.

He also said I would get some kind of recognition for my writing in about a year, elsewhere, I don't think I will get any for this blog!! lol  I think I know what that is, but can't share it here. Another of my friends is a writer, and I think that might come directly or indirectly, through him possibly.

That was it, really. He always surprises me with the things he nails down with no prompting from me.  I love that.  Great reader. I gave him a big tip. He doesn't charge enough.

Quiet night in tonight, by myself, which is nice. I value my evenings alone. Haven't been getting enough 'me' time in lately.  
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