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Small Talk

OK, I am laughing my ass off here and I have a huge smile on my face.. Not that it makes any difference to anything at all, but CEO called about 5 minutes after I published that last post. Not for me specifically, but he called, and I happened to pick it up, (out of 2 other possibilities, there are 3 of us that could potentially answer phones here) and there he was! Made about 5 minutes small talk about the weather, etc, which he doesn't normally do, he was so sweet and friendly, and it was really nice. I feel better.  I think he just sends short iPhone-type emails, he's much chattier in person.
Then, he called again about 5 minutes later for something else, and was all nice and sweet again.

Here's our Davison relationship chart for Aug 6th with transits. There are some interesting things here. Mercury retro in our 1st house, is not great for communication. I almost wish I was brave enough to leave comments open, in case there are any passing astrologers who want to leave a comment. I could use a good objective opinion.  I have included far too many asteroids, but that stuff fascinates me.  North node conjunct Jupiter and Neptune in the 5th is interesting..  5th house being romance, play, fun, north node being a sense of destiny and karma about the whole thing. Venus will still be in late Gemini, and is conjunct the Cancer moon in our chart, which is nice. I notice our moon is in the 12th house though, which is sometimes and indication that any 'relationship' will never be out in the open.
I am trying to figure my way through that huge stellium in the 4th. Pluto, Uranus, Lilith, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Part of Fortune, all stacked up in the 4th, with a Saturn/Mars transit?  A lot of powerful energy.
The moon will be conjunct the IC, which is perfect for 2 coworkers meeting! 
So much to see and say, if I spent any real time studying it.  Which I probably will do, between now and then.
~Sartorius, I promised you a reading, I will get your charts up instead..  :)     

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