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Dreamt that CEO took most of my clothes off. I was at a party and I was lying on the floor, and he came over and started to undress me.
Damn, I am glad I wrote that down, because I can't remember it at the moment at all!  :)

Was more than a little pissed that I had gained 2lbs when I weighed in at the weekend. FFS, I have been WALKING, a LOT. I  should have lost some...  Bummer.  I weigh the most I have weighed in 20 years, since I was at college.  I am not happy about that. 

In other news, the Olympics opening ceremony was SPECTACULAR.. I watched it with E, and have to admit it made me a bit teary eyed. Blake's Jerusalem has always been a favourite of mine anyhow.
 Really, a work of Alchemy.
I have been to Glastonbury Tor on more than a few occasions, and I love it there. It really is a Magickal place. Avalon.  So to see somewhere I love, that has some very special memories for me, as the focus of all that powerful ritual/ceremonial energy, tuned into and participated in by millions of people, was a blast. They just needed a few Druids to come out of the top of the Tor, along with the workers.

Then, as Sartorius pointed out in an email, something that had not quite filtered through that consciously in me, was the torch at the end, all the petals folding up, created a beautiful image for the Ace of Wands!  Wands of course, being phallic energy.
A big, Flaming Penis of Will, lit for all the world to see, in the center of England. 
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