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Here's one.. What's the deal with these Dom guys in a certain BDSM chat room, who claim to be able to give a girl multiple orgasms at will? I have never met one. Not that I have ever been around the BDSM scene in the capacity where I get to play with people, I am too shy for that, believe it or not. 
I have had a lot of good sex in my time though, and I'm not exactly sheltered, but really, I have never met a guy who could make me come repeatedly, on demand like that. It just doesn't happen for me. I think that's one more reason I think 50 shades of Grey is so crap, it's unrealistic.  
have had multiple orgasms a few times, but it's not a regular occurrence, as far as I can tell, and usually only happens randomly, when I'm by myself.
Am I missing out, or are these guys bullshitting? I never really hear women saying that they have a guy who can do this, so it makes me wonder.
I would love to hear from some women on this one. I would also love to hear, yes, this is possible, there ARE men out there who know what to do, to the extent that multiple orgasms are possible, because I am left in serious doubt, honestly, as to the size of the male ego sometimes, when it comes to sex. I mean no offense to any guys, but I really would like a straight answer.
Maybe it's something I am not capable of with somebody else? But whenever I read about it, it makes me feel somewhat inadequate and like I'm a fucking loser for not coming 20 times.
Others boasting about unrealistic sexual prowess doesn't make me feel good about myself.
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