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CEO has left the building...
He made a point of telling me he'd be back in about 3 or 4 weeks, would email me to let me know when, so that we could schedule some time together, (yes really), and wants to try to come up once a month. Sigh..  That's pretty awesome. 

I think I overdid the flirting thing. My fave Republican boss just shot me a look, and said, laughing, after they left, "You girls are awful giddy around those guys".  I know my manager thinks CFO's hot. She can have him, I've got my sights on CEO thankyaverymuch. ;-)

Right when they were leaving, E came down for his afternoon visit, which was amazingly awkward, as I REALLY wanted a hug from CEO. I saw him pull back a little when E walked into the room. They WAITED. They were going to the airport, were a little late already, and they waited, until E left, to give hugs. I'm not a psychologist, but if that hug is entirely innocent, then offending boyfriends wouldn't be a consideration, would it?  Just askin'.. 

So I got the warmest hug, from them both, and CEO even hugged Republican Boss, which was pretty funny.  Much was made of that man-hug.  CEO's a total mischief-maker.  I love it.. 

I found his facebook page. I had looked before, but it hadn't come up, by name. I typed in his email address, his work address, I wasn't expecting that. Up it came!  With photo of wife and kids.. Wife is 'nice', but not exactly a hottie. Very 'motherly'. She's a little overweight. I feel better.  Anyway, I saved that photo, with her cropped out of course, it's better than the shot of the back of his head that I got. 
He's not a facebooker, hasn't updated in ages, and it's open for all to see.  No privacy settings. 

AND, incidentally, the house is in his sister's name, not is wife's. I find that interesting.  Amazing what info you can find on zillow, etc.  OK, I am a total stalker. Fuck.   I swear I am not as bad as S. She has stalking nailed..  I am an amateur. 

Well, this visit has done nothing to dispell my mad crush. I was hoping it would, that I would see something about him I didn't like, or would think "well, he's not so cute as I had built him up to be".  Yeah. He's cuter. 
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