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I am not an asshole

I just sent off a note to CFO and CEO, some feedback on their visit here last week.  Got a lovely note back from CFO right away. He called a minute later, and said, "Hey, are you ok? You would tell me if you're not, wouldn't you?"  Um, yeah, I'm just crushing on CEO (and you a little bit too) right now, that's all.. lol

I think it was genuine concern, which was really sweet. Boss here had to let somebody go last week, it was hard all round, but I sent a note back saying that it was good to have business people running the show, rather than us chickens, who are doing what we like to do, and trying to make a business out of it. There's a big difference.  I took Boss out on Friday night, we both got a little shit-faced..   :)  I should do that more often, it was pretty interesting. 

I like CFO. I think I understand more about the need to make this a business than I realize. I have no real qualms about all that. It's tough!  The guy they let go wasn't really pulling his weight, and will have to learn a life lesson.  I have been there though, and that sounds hard, and it is. I am very grateful that they didn't let me go when I was going through all my divorce stuff, and also being an asshole on the job. I told Boss that, and he said, "You are never an asshole."  Good to know. 
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