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Venus Pluto Mars Saturn

Today's Venus Pluto opposition should get interesting..  The moon is also in Cancer, which will make us all a little more susceptible to the emotional intensity of Venus' challenge to Pluto's intense energy. 

I have a Venus Pluto opposition natally in my chart, and all my life, I have had very intense crushes and obsessions on people. If I like a person sexually, I am not wishy-washy about it.  I will hunt, stalk, pursue, go in for the kill. 
I know I do it, so I can tame it down a little now, but it's been a hard life-lesson to learn, that people don't always appreciate a stalker, and that most guys are a little put off by really intense women like me.. ;-) 

SO, if there's something you're feeling a little obsessed about in the next day or 2, that's at the root of it.

There's also the Mars Saturn conjunction, which happens to be hitting my moon full-on, to the degree.  I am hoping I can stay out of trouble for the next week. It's an intense transit, happens about once every 2 years..  Could be physically dangerous, be careful out there, watch for accidents.

Could also be a big release of energy somehow, as all that force of Mars comes up against Saturn's immovability, it's like an earthquake, when the resistance to movement can't hold on, and everything shifts at once.

It's a strange week.  Be warned..  

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