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Just One Week Left

The day before I started my college career last January, I sent this email to some friends of mine:

Can I just make the following statement?

My stomach has been upset all day. There's a rain/ice/snow storm
moving through overnight. I start college tomorrow. Matty has been my rock today. I'm a big baby. I'll be perfectly fine after tomorrow's over.

That is all. Thank you for listening.
Can you tell I was a wee bit anxious?

Matt was included in the email exchanges and when I seemed to disappear for a while, he sent this email to our friends:

Bradley's on the phone with his sis getting a pep talk. I asked him
what I could do for him tonight to help him relax and he asked me if I
minded making him a bubble bath, so I'm gonna light some candles too
and join him.
Well, I'm pleased to report that I'm in a lot better shape this term than back in January! We start back the day after Labor Day (next Tuesday) and we're not expecting any snow storms and my stomach is not in knots.

I also don't think I'm being a big baby, but, um, I might still need that bubble bath with a certain someone to take my mind off any anxiety that might emerge. I also need to remind a certain tub-mate to pick up some scented candles.

Oh, wait. I think I can feel a little tingle of anxiety creeping in as I write this. Hmm. Maybe a bubble bath... with candles... with Matty... every night until next Tuesday will take care of that. It's worth a try, right? ;)
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