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Addendum To My Rant......

Yes - there are good gays out there.

Yes - I was in a mood.  A mood I couldn't possibly explain to you.  Caused by bad gays.

No - it was never my intention to hurt those who "aren't" in the class of gays I was having a rant at.

Yes - I could have been more specific about whom the rant was targeted.... However, I also take for granted the intellect of most of my readers to be able to distinguish between the type of person I am ranting at.

There are a lot of you who are the "good gays" - for want of a better word - but we have to ask ourselves, why does there seem to be an ever increasing lot of bad gays.... the gays I ranted about below seem to be multiplying at an exponential rate....


Online........ In clubs........ Pubs......... there seem to be an ever increasing number of nasty gays.

We have to ask ourselves WHERE is this attitude coming from and why is it propagating at the speed it does?

Some of you are fortunate to live in places that have a positive and friendly gay community - not all of us do.

Indeed - it could very well be that a positive and friendly community is now the exception and not the rule like it was when I came out.

Maybe its an Australian thing? Maybe it's a more common thing but some of you are clearly blessed with great social circles?

All I know is - my rant was aimed at taking THAT type of gay to task - not my loyal readers - and if you have been dropping by as long as you have, you should know by now my rants whilst SEEMINGLY generalised, really aren't.

Work with me here - I'm a little nuts remember.



Here's a stunning example of Tuches Tuesday in concilliation.

Shalom and Blessings.

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