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Spotted Dick: this time, the real thing!

Yep, you read the title right. Another post about "Spotted Dick" for your reading pleasure!

For newer followers, here's what got it all started. It was just an ordinary and innocent trip to the grocery store to pick up a few items we needed before our regular shopping day. Who knew something so mundane would turn out to be so interesting?

This link will take you to the origins of my dick-shopping adventure one unassuming Saturday afternoon...

So why am I once again posting about this interestingly named culinary delicacy? 

Well, our friend Tam wrote to tell us she had recently attended the UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet in Brighton and had Spotted Dick with her dinner one night. She sent us a pic of her Dick (I'm not talking about dick, little "d," silly) and said we could share it with all of you.

Anyway, here's the "Dick pic" she took of the menu item listed as "Spotted Dick" which she also had with a scoop of ice cream:
Looks good, huh? And Tam's verdict?

"It's like a fluffy muffin with lots of currents in it. It was fine, kind of vanilla-y."

Well, the "Dick in a Can" version of this stuff is most certainly not a "fluffy muffin" like the one Tam had. It's dry, too sweet, and reminded me of eating spicy, floury cardboard with some raisins thrown in!

Next time I'm in Brighton (which will be the first time since I've never been to the UK), I'm having what Tam had! ;)

Oh, here's a link to Tam's blog post where she wrote about her time at the UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet (along with some pics of the local scenery as well as some author friends).
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